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late last night behind the hamilton center school. we're live in northeast washington with the latest. >> smoke and flames brought authorities to hamilton school in northeast washington. they found the burning taxicab and body and a mystery as to why the cab was back there. it was business as usual at hamilton school today but last night in a fenced in area school parking lot. a lincoln taxicab crashed into a ditch and burst into flames. the removed an unidentified dead man from the vehicle. the crash burned trees around this fence between hamilton school on one side and dormitories at gheit @ -- gallaudet university for the deaf. so far no identification of the victim. we have asked members of the large taxicab community if they have heard of anyone missing. neither the commission are companies like this one that uses lincoln's has. a you concern? >> we are. we cannot know until we have the information. >> school staffers told us that after hours, the parking lot is a hangout for homeless people and the scene of illicit activity. area residents agree. >> people come and come back in
much business was lost in the blaze. jummy olabanji reporting from northeast washington. >> coming up, a traffic mishap prompted a to appoint five our cleanup of an unusual mess. i punched aer >> account the great white shark and survived. also, a mixture of clouds and son outside. adam caskey back with >> a california surfer with story after a close encounter. reason he's around is his quicktory and fast >> i did not feel much pain until i woke up this morning. greg the 25-year-old scott stevens is alive after being juvenile great shark off the nor the city bay.umble >> it was about to for your feet .ong the the tip of the nose to dorsal fin. not enter the chest the abdominal cavity. it almost looks like scalpel lacerations. this is his surfboard after the attack. he said that they grabbed him him under. >> it kind of shook me. convince even started to fight back. >> i opened my eyes under water it in the side of couple times to release me. start paddlingto .n on a wave then a fellow surfer held him together. used our body weight. i would not have thought of top of someb
. >> one person is recovering after a d.c. house fire in northeast washington. they say the fire started as a kitchen fire on the first floor and then spread to a bedroom of the second floor. one woman was rescued and evaluated on the scene. >> we have seen controversy before, but they say they hope they do not see it again this year in loudoun county. the display will include a christmas tree, santa, and nativity scene, and a menorah. you may remember last year when a skeleton santoa was on display. they will be putting a county- approved decorations and will hopefully eliminate people from putting up more controversial displays. >> president obama says he is open to compromise but he will not expect -- approved an approach that is not balanced. >> i will deficit while people like me making over $250,000, are not asked to pay one dime and more. >> president obama says congress should pass a bill to prevent the best tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest americans. we will have more details on the fiscal plan showdown coming up tonight at 6:00. >> coming up, d.c. school officials will be
it will make it here to washington. >> thank you. we are watching a story out of northeast d.c. police are trying to figure out our body ended up near a burning car. >> bizarre situation. john gonzalez has been following this and has more from the scene. >> a true mystery has left this neighborhood wondering what happened behind this school. >> it seems like foul play. >> the fire department was called to the area off of brentwood park way. when they arrived they found a man's body. >> i am very concerned. i do what here every day. >> somehow this said and ended up in this ditch. from the looks of the tire marks, it became -- it came from behind the high school. neighbors said this area is dark and the evening. and has had problems with prostitution and drugs in the past. >> people come back in this area. >> the city's major crush unit was at the scene moments later but the homicide unit was also called. school officials cannot comment in this afternoon. but detectives will more than likely be reviewing security cameras here. when the camera seems to estero directly towards the area wh
that occurred in northeast washington. the victim's, a woman and two men were apparently innocent bystanders at a bp gas station on being road northeast. he got into a dispute is with the gas station clerk. went to his car and came back shooting. the get away car was found later after a collision with a van but the gunman had fled the scene. nancy palosy says she will run to keep her job. her colleagues made it clear that she shouldn't think of leaving. she won reelection in san francisco. but at age 72 she did not say whether or not she plans to run for office when her term ends. she made history at the first woman speaker of the house when elected in 2007. senior fbi officials are scheduled to brief congressional investigators today on the affair that broke down cia director david patraeus. they'll ask about thousands of emails between a tampa socialite. daniel nottingham has more. >> reporter: he will testify about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. before he handed in his resignation he was scheduled to appear at hearings this week. the details of the new hearings
. >>> new this morning, four people in the hospital after a violent night in northeast washington. the victims are of a triple stabbing and a shooting just three miles apart. the stabbing happened at the 300 block of 51st street just after 1:00 this morning. when the police arrived, they found two women and a child with stab wounds. they are expected to be okay. no word on a suspect there. just minutes later, police got calls for shots fired in the 2000 block of "c" street. they found a man shot in the chest. he is in critical condition. no word on a motive or a suspect in that case. >>> also northeast overnight, firefighters rescued at least one person from a fire in the district. the fire broke out just after midnight in the 1700 block of benning road. firefighters say the small kitchen fire caused heavy smoke. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. >>> it has been a long time coming for drivers in virginia. today is a ribbon cutting ceremony for the highly anticipated 495 express lanes. those lanes don't officially open until
. bob will have his complete out looking just a few minutes. >> the police in northeast washington found a body. that happened a short time ago in 1400 block of brentwood parkway. the circumstances of the body found in the car are not known yet. >> also, a murder investigation in p.g. county after a man shot and killed at about 7:00 on 23rd parkway in hillcrest heights. the man was found with a gunshot wound outside of an apartment building a ticket to the hospital, where he later died. critic taken to the hospital, where he later died. >> tonight all eyes are shifting to the challenges that the nation faces. one of those is the so-called fiscal cliff that could impact thousands. autria godfrey has more on what is in store. >> back in washington, back to reality, president obama returned to d.c. today with another four years, but still battling for bipartisanship as we careen toward the so-called fiscal clef. he is already demanding the two parties make peace. >> he won reelection with a middle-class economic strategy based on the middle class. it is incumbent then, the parties work toge
're hearing from the woman brutally attacked inside her northeast washington apartment. the 24-year-old victim was stabbed more than 25 times and left for dead in her rhode island avenue row home. she was working from home when someone knocked on her door. a man attempted to sexually assault her before trying to kill her. she screamed at the top of her lungs and fought back. >> this guy stabbing me, kicking my face in. and i was just fighting as best i could. i don't remember much following that. but i know it was just stabbing me everywhere. >> surveillance cameras caught clear images of the man. if you know anyone about the case or recognize this man, call police right away. >>> two more suspects tied to nine violent attacks in eastern market are under arrest. the two men are linked to several violent robberies over the last few months. one of the attacks in august left a young father, thomas maslin in a coma for six days and blind in one eye. three other suspects were arrested in august, due back in court next week. >>> an officer facing attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting a han
business. >>reporter: in northeast washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> luckily no one was inside that building when the fire broke out. >>> we're going to be back in two minutes, but before we go to our commercial break, here at wusa9, we are donating $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund for every everyone who likes us on facebook. it's a quick and easy way for you to help victims. we'll be right back. >>> all right, i'm back. >>> we know that maryland voters are facing some crucial issues when they go to the polls on tuesday, besides gambling and gay marriage, governor o'malley's congressional redistricting plan is going to be on the ballot. it is question 5. what is at stake, what does it mean? city councilman phil an draws is here to tell me -- andrews is here to tell me exactly what is this redistricting plan. why is it and what does it mean? >> thank you for having me. voters have a major decision to make because what was done by the governor and the general assembly was to approve new congressional districts that are extremely gerrymandered and split up communiti
's all part of their ongoing investigation. in northeast washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >>> bge is close to restoring power to all its d.c. region customers. we just checked with them, and they are reporting that 620 customers in anne arundel county are still without power. there are 51 outages in howard county. and there are 11 outages in prince george's county. 12 in montgomery county. excuse me. hope is on the way -- help is on the way for thousands of new jersey residents without power. dominion power is sending -- excuse me. 1500 workers -- along with the fleet of trucks to new jersey tomorrow. the crews will be in the state for at least two weeks. >>> those crews are heading to new jersey, they'll have their work cut out for them. right now more than a million and a half residents are still without power but as alison harmelin reports for many going days without power is the least of their troubles. >> reporter: this storm left just half the house. the roof somehow intact while the water tore away floors and doors. >> it was just cut out. >> reporter: many of the neighbors
're traveling westbound, just stick to the left lane. >>> developing story in northeast washington. right now, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a warehouse fire near gallaudet university. this is happening at the union market building at the intersection of fourth and moore street. megan mcgrath is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: you can see behind me here a lot of the firefighters still here on the scene. at this point, the fire is under control. they're keeping a close eye on it, though, because it had a number of flare-ups through the evening. they just want to make sure that they're not going to have any more hot spots become a problem here, so they're going to keep a presence here on the scene. this fire broke out at around 9:00 last night. this is the old union market area. this is a wholesale market. there are a number of small vendors. many of them specializing in meats, poultry, fish and the like. wholesale vendors here. many internationally -- with an international flare here. exactly what caused the fire to start or the blaze to crop up here late
pictures if northeast washington where a -- from northeast washington where a fear continues to burn at 400 morse street. firefighters arrived lastnitis around 10:00 p.m. the find fire coming from the roof and reroof the building. >>> it is -- roof of the building. >>> it is 6:55. >> one last check of weather and traffic right after this. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious, and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in the corner thingy? caramelized almonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramelized kind? if i was this girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >>> well, we're looking cool and breezy again today. stray shower north this morning with lots of clouds and a few sunny weeks, and mid 350s into the weeken
: it is all enrollment. this high school is historic. it is overlooking bening road in northeast washington. at the end of the academic school year, when it ends, next spring, it will close. >> the student enrollment is relatively low and it is the only d.c. high school scheduled to be closed. the ronald h. brown middle school in northeast is also on the list of schools that will take effect next school year. and nearby at smother elementary school, parents who pick up their young children were surprised by the news that this school which was recently renovated will soon be closed. >> i'm shocked. my children have been going here for two years and my daughter just started here. and there was no notice saying that this was the school that was supposed to close. this is crazy. >> if that school closes, where will my son go? how will he get transportation? >> reporter: what grade is your son? >> first grade. >> i just transferred my daughter here because this is the closest school to where we live. now this school is closing. where is she going? >> reporter: most of the d.c. public schools on
. >>> i'm jackie bensen in northeast washington. a fire causes damage and confusion at the wholesale market near florida avenue. mark[ minto ] you know,nue. those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> six days in jail, three years probation, that's the sentence federal prosecutors are recommending for former d.c. council quchairman kwame brown. he resigned from the council back in june, you'll recall, and pleaded guilty to bank fraud charges in connection with a $200,000 in personal loans. he could be sentenced up to six months in prison for his crime. prosecutors wrote brown has accepted responsibility for his misconduct and
of commissioners will update us on the area's state of emergency. >> year following a developing story in northeast washington where police are trying to figure out how a body ended up by a burning car. >> we can tell you in the back of choice academy high school, the fire department for scud a call at 10:00 last evening with reports of a car on fire. they also found a body next to it. the homicide unit was called out immediately to investigate. it is only described as a suspicious death. the car ended up in a ravine back here. it had to be towed out and the body has been removed. the deceased person has not been identified. police are still trying to investigate how that person ended up dead near northeast d.c.. >> thank you so much. taking a look at the day had the man who pleaded guilty to shooting gabrielle giffords will be sentenced today. giffords her husband, and other survivors will be in the courtroom when he learns his fate. under a plea deal he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> not to a look at the presidential election and some tv ratings. 67 million viewers watched election
and northeast of washington. we look for temperatures to drop sharply. now we'll be back in the 40s tomorrow, upper 40s. these numbers may be low and back below freezing tomorrow night. we could find 20s toward harford county. quiet weather, clear but a few clouds. these are not rain makers. the reverse of that tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover. that could hold temperatures down. we struggle to get to 50 once again. this cold air core will float further north but still be chilly. as we go into friday it will slide further out. air temperatures will moderate back into the 50s. we'll watch the coastal s all projections bringing it out to sea. it could mean breezy weather. clear. dress warm for that morning commute. make sure the kids are warm. 48, sunny crisp conditions. as we look to friday an improvement. mild weather through early sunday. sunday night into monday a disturbance likely to bring some showers. as we clear out we're going to mid-50s. back to you. >> a little over a week away. not everyone can afford to put the food on the table. the church in towson is really trying to help
in hospital. >> d.c. police are investigating a bizarre death in northeast washington. officers were called out to the 1400's block of brentwood parkway and they found a car on fire and a man's body nearby. it looks like the car with her fans -- went through a fence. the body was severely burned but they're not able to release an official cause of death. >> gabrielle giffords and other victims came face-to-face for the first time with the man who shot them outside a grocery store last year. jarret laughteedoughner. >> gabrielle giffords to read her husband in front of the man and said that he had failed to kill her. survivors and friends of those who were killed packed the courtroom. >> pam was shot twice. >> i decided that adding anger to the burden would do no good. >> she stotaught at the same elementary school that laughner was at. >> your mind as of the failure of our society to adequate -- provide adequate care. >> he did look at their victim. his mother sobbed as victims described their personal pain. >> i felt it across the back of my head. this is tragic. the showman is treatable.
days earlier on rhode island row in northeast washington. >>> people in the northeast part of the country are bracing for what could be another devastating storm. more than 1 million residents are still without power in the wake of hurricane sandy. and tens of thousands more can't go back home. another storm is expected to hit on wednesday and could complicate the recovery efforts in new york and new jersey. >>> and we have some stormy weather approaching midweek. >> meteorologist veronica johnson has the latest on that. veronica? >> yeah, that's right. for us, the time period is wednesday, i think, during the afternoon, through thursday morning, where we could see winds up to about 30, maybe 40, perhaps 45 miles per hour. so there may be a few spotty outages. i think mostly across the eastern shore. hey, did you see the fog this morning? fog and some low clouds. we're left with a beautiful sky right now. this is from our camera high atop the gaylord national resort where we've got sunshine across the area. but getting close to sunset. it's at 5:05 today. your temperature 4
. that would be areas just to the north and northeast of washington. this little dark blue area, perhaps northern prince george's county, southeastern montgomery county, and all the way up toward the pennsylvania border. one to three inches, and, again, mainly on grassy areas because these road temperatures shall stay. right now road temperatures around 40 degrees. maybe they'll get down to lower 30s. much of the snow melting on roads. there may be a few slushy spots here in howard county and perhaps in parts of northern anne arundel and farther north and east maybe by this evening. it does look like this is going to begin right around perhaps 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, changing from rain this morning to some of that wet snow during the rest of the afternoon then into the evening hours. farther south, right around washington, the nearby suburbs north of virginia, there may be a dusting, maybe a half inch on some of the grassy areas, again beginning during the afternoon today and then ending late tonight. maybe just a few flurries farther south and farther west. here's the storm team 4 fo
, melissa malay. >>> developing story in northeast washington. a massive fire sparks at a warehouse near gallaudet university. this is happening at the old union market building at the intersection of fourth and moore streets. megan mcgrath is live there with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: you can see behind me that firefighters are still here on the scene keeping watch over the warehouse here. there still is a little bit of smoke rising from the rooftop, but the flames, those have been knocked down at this point. this is a very difficult fire to fight here. it's in the warehouse district. this is the old union market warehouse district. there are a number of different wholesale vendors here in some of these very old masonry buildings. many of them sell meat products. others sell things like textiles, clothing, and it was one of those business where is they believe this fire began. we're talking about a warehouse that was crammed full of clothing and things that were very flammable that made this a very dangerous fire to fight. >> it's very scary because you don't want to lose a
driver. the vehicle described as a silver lincoln with d.c. lice e license. reporting live in northeast washington, jackie benson, news 4p. >>> firefighters surrounded the complex in northwest d.c. about 2:00 a.m. from the ground, you could see flames and smoke coming from the rooftop. firefighters rescued one woman from the building. she did not need to be hospitalized. we're told the fire was mostly contained to that balcony, but minor damage to the living room of a penthouse. investigators are still trying to figure out what started this fire. >>> a new aquatic center is approved for people who live in prince george's county. it will be built on missouri avenue off of route 301. the community meeting about the project was held last night. as tracee wilkins reports now, some people are concerned they'll have to wait for years before projects like that one could become reality. >> i have been coming twice a week and there's no one here working. as you can see, it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: residents in southern prince george's county are worried about the lack of work park and pla
near a burning car in northeast washington last night. >>> two separate insurgent attacks killed five afghan soldiers and three policemen. >>> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this thursday, november 8th, 2012. let's take a live look outside. 31 degrees. we are lucky around this region. we didn't get a whole lot of precipitation last night, at least right here in our area. >> near miss. glad of it. >> what a powerful storm. it unloaded snow, new jersey, new york, new england, and it's still doing it. although it stopped in new jersey, but long island and much of new england still getting pounded with wind and rain. you can see the circulation of this powerful coastal storm, almost like a hurricane. it's south of nantucket right now. and we're getting a little bit of a blustery wind from it here locally and even a few scattered sprinkles, northeastern maryland and on the eastern shore, a little bit of wet snow mixing in in southern parts of maryland there on the eastern shore. it's cold out of the mountains this morning. low 20s there
last night at the bp station on benning road in northeast washington. police say the shooter got in an argument with the gas station clerk, grabbed a gun from his car and started firing. one victim has serious injuries but all three people in this are expected to survive. >>> an unis expected twist -- an unexpected twist in the case of the accused east coast rapist. he was expected to make a plea charged with attacking a couple of teenagers trick or treating in 2009. when he got before the judge, aaron thomas said he wasn't sure what he was doing or what was right or wrong. now it appears the case is headed to trial. thomas is suspected also of attacking women from virginia all the way north to connecticut. >>> as long as kwame brown stays out of trouble, he won't go to jail for a campaign finance violation. a d.c. judge sentenced the former city council chairman to 30 days in jail but suspended the sentence. that happened hours after a federal judge sentenced brown to one day in custody followed by six months of home detention for lying on loan applications. he also has to compl
to the airways. >>> new this morning, four people in the hospital after a violent night in northeast washington. victims of a triple stabbing and shooting three miles apart. it happened in the 300 block of 51st street after 1:00 this morning. police found two women and one child with stab wounds. all are expected to be okay. no word on a suspect. >>> police got calls for shots fired where they found a man shot in the chest. he is in critical condition at this time. no word on a motive or suspect in that case. >>> also in northwest d.c., firefighters rescued at least one person from a fire. the fire broke out just after midnight in the 1700 block of benning road. firefighters say the small kitchen fire caused heavy smoke. three people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. >>> a 19-year-old faces charges for making threats against other students at montgomery college. this is news 4 exclusive video. investigators say the man suffered a tough break up and told friends he wanted to shoot people for fun. they alerted campus security who called police. >>> investiga
. spingarn has become a northeast washington landmark. but now it is one of five schools on the chancellor's list of public school closures located in ward 5 which is represented by councilmember kenyon mcduffy. >> i'm going to be meeting with the community, as a matter of fact, i have a meeting that is schedule with ward 5 council of education where we'll give them an opportunity to weigh in. >> reporter: many of the d.c. public schools scheduled to close in the 2013/2014 school year are located east of the river. at smothers elementary, parents who pick you their young children were surprised by the news that this school which was recently renovated is scheduled to be closed. >> i'm shocked. my children have been going here for a while for two years and my daughter just started here. there was no notice this was the school that was going to close. >> it mean a lot. this is the closest school where we live at. she's got kids and friends and stuff there. so it means a lot to me. >> i believe it is a good school. if it is best for the community and best for the kids, the most important thin
benghazi this week. >>> a deadly night in northeast washington has four people in the hospital. it stems from a triple stabbing and a shooting just three miles apart. the stabbing happened in the 300 block of 51st street just after 1:00 this morning. when police arrived, they found two women and one child with stab wounds. all are expected to be okay. no word on a suspect. then just minutes later, police got calls for shots fired in the 2000 block of "c" street. that's where police found a man shot in the chest. he is in critical condition. no word on a motive in that case. >>> today is sentencing day for former d.c. council chair kwame brown. he'll be sentenced in two different courtrooms for two different charges. first brown will learn his fate for a federal bank charge he pled guilty to in june and admitted he lied on applications to obtain bank loans. he faces up to six months in prison. prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence him to just six days in jail because he has been cooperative. brown will also be sentenced in superior court on a misdemeanor campaign violation. he face
are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> a warehouse fire in northeast washington kept firefighters busy. it's part of the union market. megan mcgrath reports the fire is out. but it's causing problems in the neighborhood. >> reporter: officials say it was a tough fire to get a handle on. warehouses are crammed full of stuff. in this case, there was a lot of clothing, much of it on fire. the blaze broke out around 9:00 last night. investigators are trying to figure out why. smoke could be seen billowi out the windows and the roof of the warehouse. early on, concerns cropped up about the safety of firefighters. they had to pull back and attack the flames from a safe distance. >> warehouses are a nightmare for firefighters. they keep the burglars out. it makes it hard for us to get in. there's a lot of merchandise in a small space. it's hard to put a fire out. >> reporter: it consists of wholesale warehouses. the blaze set out in a clothing store, then spread to adjoining businesses. >> the electricity is off. won't be able to operate until they get it on.
are assessing the damage after a massive fire broke out at an historic building in northeast washington last night. there's no word yet on what caused that fire. the two-alarm blaze started in the old union market warehouse off florida avenue. four businesses there suffered heavy damage, including an accessories wholesaler and large meat market. the newly opened union market food hall a block away was not damaged in the fire. >>> coming up on news4 at 6:00, desperate pleas for help and gas. live coverage on the impact of hurricane sandy, continues in new jersey, where the lines are getting longer and longer. plus, actor alec baldwin and his wife are among the millions in the dark in new york. but they didn't wait around for help to arrive. >> i think you really do have to love each other. the moment something goes wrong, we fight for each other furiously. >> here at home the wait is getting longer just to vote. some people are waiting up to five hours. the wait times may depend on where >>> two people have been locked up in connection with a shooting at the university of southern california.
're hearing from a woman brutally attacked inside her northeast washington apartment. take a close look. this man forced his way into a 2 24-year-old woman's rhode island row apartment. he sexually assaulted her before trying to kill her. she screamed at the top of her lungs and fought back. >> he started stabbing me and kicking my face in. and i was just fighting as best i could. and i don't remember that much following that. but i know he was stabbing me everywhere. >> surveillance cameras caught clear images of the man. they want anyone who recognizes this man to give them a call right away. >>> penn state's former president will make his first court appearance next week on charges he helped cover up the school's sex abuse scandal. graham spannier charged yesterday with perjury, endangering the welfare of children and six other charges. spanier was fired last year after leading the school for 16 years. the charges are that he deliberately covered up sex abuse by jerry sandusky. >> this was not an oversight, not misjudgment on their part this was a conspiracy by top officials working
're hearing from the woman brutally attacked inside her northeast washington apartment. this is who police are looking for. he forced his way into a rhode island row apartment. she was sexually assaulted and the man tried to kill her. she screamed at the top of her lungs and fought back. >> he started stabbing me, and kicking my face in, and i was just fighting as best i could. and i don't remember that much following that. but i know he was stabbing me everywhere. >> surveillance cameras caught clear images of the suspect. take a good luck. if you recognize this man, call police. >>> two more suspects your honor arrest for a possible connection to several violent attacks in the eastern market area. police say the two men are linked to several violent robberies over the last few months, one of the attacks in august left a young father, thomas maslin in a coma for six days and blind in one eye. three other suspects arrested in september, they are due back in court next week. >>> how officers tracked down a man in montana after he threw pipe bombs in three virginia homes. >>> rising estimate
in northeast washington this morning. police are responding to a domestic dispute when the suspect attacked the officer from behind. the officer's injuries are said to be not life-threatening. >>> tonight the reward in a deadly shooting in charles county has increased to $20,000. somebody opened fire on a married couple as they walked on a trail in waldorf last week. the wife deciied. the his survived. investigators say the man in this sketch is the suspect in that shooting. >>> we have an update now on a news 4 exclusive we brought you yesterday. tonight pat collins explains how police are hoping to find a suspect in a violent attack in northeast d.c. >> reporter: cops on bikes, in squad cars, in plain clothes. a full-court press passing out flyers, looking for information. it was here at this same time last friday that it happened. a man burst into a rhode island row aprmt, tries to sexually assault a 24-year-old woman, and then stabs her more than 25 times. >> he was just stabbing me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: we call her vale e valerie. we've concealed her face and h
. traveling through northeast washington, ongoing police investigation that continues to tie up a portion of 17th street. blocked off at rhode island avenue. new jersey avenue, we mentioned that last time, new jersey avenue has been reopened between h and massachusetts avenue. tough inbound on 50. average speed down to 16 miles per hour headed over to the new york kenilworth avenue split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> thank you so much. destruction left by hurricane sandy has sent both presidential candidates into a period of uncertainty. with four days until election day, how do the candidates shift the focus back to the campaign trail or can they? it's the big question on fox news sunday. and chris wallace of course the host of that show joins now for a preview. good morning, chris. >> good morning, allison. the way they shift is, they travel like crazy all over the country. i think most of the country is ready to look and decide by electing a president, and i feel, i don't know if you saw that you tube video of the 4- year-old girl who was crying and saying, i'm ti
>>> and now, from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 today." >> mother nature delivers another blow to the northeast. this morning, 100,000 more people are without power, as several inches of thick snow blanket the region. >> laughing about it at this point. it's unbelievable to go from a nor easter to a hurricane. >> train service halted. it's affecting travel in washington. >> dc united stopped on the field by several inches of snow. everyone is affected there. welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we have dodged another bullet here in washington. our neighbors to the north have been hit hard, though, by a kriming snowsto -- crippling snowstorm. we saw some light sleet, didn't last for long, though. >> we dodged another bullet, but our neighbors to the north are just getting hammered. >> hurricane force winds in southern new england. the winds are still blowing 60 miles an hour in some areas. all that area in white is snow. the snow had just ended now in new jersey and in new york city. still snowing hard on long island into new engl
from the clouds. a few thin clouds northeast of washington in the northern prince george's county into eastern howard. they are getting a little sunshine trying to breakthrough. elsewhere, it is quite cloudy. we see the light blue in the 40s. in the areas in green are beginning to climb into the upper 40s to near 50. it's in far southern maryland. reagan national at 47. still in the 30s out in the mountains and around parts of the shenandoah valley. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend. how much longer will the chill last? barbara and keith? >> naung. >>> let's see if things are moving on the roads. >> danella, you are facing the traffic in the hallway with the wedding. what about the roadway? >> i know. i need a tracker report for the hallways. let's talk about i-95 in virginia, northbound at prince william parkway. alternate lane closures because of construction. volume is light. the beltway is where you are going to face problems. outer loop, american legion bridge slow as you cross because of the road work. the right lane is blocked. look at gw parkway. the lane is b
to the north and northeast, partly cloudy skies in washington, d.c. it's going to be cold in new york, sunny. but look at that, if you're heading out to any of the early morning polls, do bundle up across much of that area, and into the west, seattle with rain showers for you. the same in vancouver as well as into los angeles, sunny skies, well above average temperatures ain't that area. do get out and vote. take a look at this storm system, talking about bringing the rough weather into florida. then it's not over yet. it's going to push over in the northeast. on wednesday bringing rough weather across portions of the northeast. new england, extending towards new york and pennsylvania, heavy snowfall and gusty winds. even white-out conditions across this area. definitely want to watch this storm system. it is going to be bringing rough weather to many people out here who are still without power. so very dangerous conditions indeed here. over towards eastern asia, see the spin in the cloud cover, this is part of a potent low pressure area that's already brought near 80 kilometer-per-hour wind
, washington." >> more problems for storms until the northeast. 60,000 customers who lost power. some are in the dark again. it is november 8, thursday, i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to jacqui jeras. >> we really got off easy on this system. if you take a look at the radar you can see the center and the core of this storm impact in new england. it is winding down for new jersey and us as well. we will see clearing skies today. a chilly start. not terrible. high pressure will be moving in today. these guys will be clearing out. it still will be breezy and " what is in the lower to middle 50's today. it is time for traffic. >> not too much roadwork. 270 lanes open through silver spring. taking a look off in the distance heading across the bay bridge. mid-60's's at the bay bridge. we have an interstate on -- an incident on interstate 95. a box truck is rolled over on its side. the left side of the roadway is blocked. we will keep a close watch on it for you. >> thank you some much. it is 4:32. parts of new york and new jersey still trying to recover from hurricane
our way just in time for thanksgiving. for now, mostly clear skies, 42 degrees in washington. winds out of the northeast averaging five miles an hour, it's going to be with us here for much of the coming days. that northeast wind typically brings more and more cloud cover in place. and that's what's going to be happening. what are you going to do tomorrow, the redskins back in action after a bye week, big game tomorrow with the eagles. 1:00 to 4:00 at fedex field. perfect football weather. generally sunny skies. upper 40s and low 50s. a lot of people traveling, we're looking around the country this week. most of the unsettled weather is way out across parts of the west coast. if you have flights out there, you may have delays on your sunday. nothing brewing, no big blizzards in the midwest. that is welcomed news. this area storm is off the carolina coastline. that is part of the reason we have clouds increasing in our forecast here in the coming days. mostly clear and cool overnight tonight. with that east-northeasterly wind. the area of high pressure will hold firm through tomorrow
7:26 on this thursday morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. firefighters monitoring hot spots in northeast washington more than ten hours after a fire there. crews don't know what sparked the fire at the market building. at one point, firefighters had to evacuate the structure, fearing it would collapse. let's go to danella sealock with the traffic. >> gridlock traveling 29 southbound. very slow in this area. delays start about cherry hill road and steady to the beltway. 395 northbound, the accident is in the right shoulder lane. back to you. >> thank you. tom has the forecast, next. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits respon
on washington place northeast and forced his way inside. he tried to sexually assault her. when she fought back, he stabbed her. police believe the same man entered into a room and pulled a knife and sexually molested a woman. >>> police are looking for this person after a robbery in clinton. they believe he robbed the woman in the 8700 block of branch avenue on friday the 26th. it happened around 10:00 p.m. they say the man followed the woman to her car. after she cast a veteran's affairs check at a nearby business, he pulled a gun and demanded her money, police say. he made the woman drive him several blocks away where he got out near suitland road and regency parkway. if you know anything about the man or crime, call prince georges county police. >>> a bethesda road is back open after a water main break this afternoon. that break happened in the 7500 block of arlington road around 4:30. the road was closed between edgemoor and old georgetown road. >>> still ahead on the news at 10, new poll numbers showing the race for the white house hasn't budged. >> plus, another call for the investigatio
>>> this morning on "early today," snow, rain, and dangerous winds hit the storm-battered northeast. >>> a victory for president obama. now he returns to washington to deal with a serious financial disaster. >>> and dodging traffic. a nasty auto accident caught on tape, along with the pedestrian who walked away from it. >> announcer: this is "early today" for thursday, november 8th, 2012. >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. more misery for residents in the northeast this morning as a powerful nor'easter has battered areas already hard hit by hurricane sandy. with winds topping 60 miles per hour, the nor'easter dumped as much as a foot of snow in some parts, downing trees and power lines. as many as 1,700 flights have been canceled just in the past 24 hours, and according to the latest numbers, nearly 401,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity this morning after these two big storms. nbc's danielle leigh is in trenton, new jersey, for us this morning. danielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. we're waking up to a couple inches of snow here in trent
-battered northeast. a victory for president obama. now he returns to washington to deal with a serious financial disaster. and dodging traffic. a nasty auto accident caught on tape along with a pedestrian who walked away from it. good morning everyone. i'm lynn berry, those stories and more on straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> if you can believe it, more mystery for residents in the northeast as a powerful nor'easter batters airs yas already hit hard by hurricane sandy. this storm is packing winds of over 60 miles per hour and dumped as much as a foot of snow in some areas. there are already reports of downed trees and power lines and more than a thousand flights have been canceled. katherine craig is braving the elements for us this morning. katherine? >> reporter: good morning from staten island, already hard hit by sandy. everyone is dealing with these piles of debris, a huge mound covered with snow as well. you drive through certain neighborhoods on staten island and this is the scene. you have stranded cars covered be snow, power lines covered with snow as well. half a foot
rain south, east and northeast from washington. the heavier rains along the atlantic sea board. winds are picking up. gusts around 30 miles per hour now. we could get snow on grassy areas this afternoon into this evening accumulating. a dusting around the metro area. the areas north and east could get one to three inches, mainly on grassy areas. >> and that's your latest weather. we're going to look at this nor'easter's impacts in detail coming up in the next half hour. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. stay warm. >>> up next, how wall street is likely to react to president obama's victory. a little later on, on a lighter note, a live interview with twilight star kristen stewart, but first these messages. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. people and companies who take us places. excite our imagination. make life bette
. investigators say he forced his way into a home on washington place northeast a week ago friday and tried to sexual assault her and stabbed her when she thought back. last friday police believe miles got into a dorm room at howard university and sexually assaulted another woman after pulling a knife. >>> a robbery suspect in clinton, police say he robbed a woman on the 8700 block of branch avenue. police say he made the woman drive him several blocks away and got out near regency parkway. if you know about the man or crime, call prince george's county police. >>> big game day for the skins. they'll try to break a two-game skid against the panthers today. we'll hear what players are saying about trying to maintain the playoff position. >> and you either agree or disagree, but there's constant talk about the comparison between rg3 and cam newton. we're going to break down the two star quarterbacks after the break.  in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the be
team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. it is cold. a blustery wind out of the northeast. right now near 40 in washington. much of southern maryland, into virginia as well as the eastern shore. it's above freezing. shenandoah, into the mountains, many locations down into the 20s this morning. hometown forecast, fairfax city, up 30s. a little sun breaking out. a little sunshine, mid-40s by then. hour by hours, here's the regional forecast. a little sun breaking out. but a cold morning and chilly afternoon. good morning. >> good morning. well, tom, it is a slow commute. getting a report of an accident in southeast at alabama avenue. i am seeing delays inbound in that area. be aware if you're taking that commute. 395 northbound at seminary road. delays start around duke. as you make your way to the beltway, under speed at 29 miles per hour. the trip will take you 23 minutes as of right now. i-270, making your way southbound connecting to the beltway. sluggish in this area. delays around germantown. 270 there are no accidents. over to you. >> thanks so much. 6:42. the scandal that's cost former
to 9.1% next year. >> susan mcginnis in washington on a friday morning. thank you so much. here in the northeast recovery from a pair of powerful storms is slow, painful and frustrating. this morning air travel in new york is expected to return to normal following wednesday's nor'easter. the storms complicated problems by superstorm sandy. thousands remain without power or heat and can't get fuel. it's so bad doctors without borders set up its ever u.s. clinic. >> reporter: utility crews are working around the clock to clean up after a nor'easter brought snow and took down trees in an area already weary from superstorm sandy. residents who have been dealing with cold and darkness since sandy struck more than a week ago said they are at their breaking point. >> this happened again so soon it's very frustrating. >> reporter: wednesday's storm interrupted the recovery process across new jersey and new york. but also caused hundreds of thousands of new outages. many had just gotten their power back only to see it knocked out again. >> all of a sudden poof. >> reporter: officials say
there and a bill of 3,000 dollars washington, hawaii, colorado, kansas. >> the northeast getting hit very hard. >> is this why many people are trying to make adjustments when it comes to the travel for the holidays. >> travel spending is down. we should think about the traffic. that's not down. before the tushg key the indigestion. 30 million of us plan to drive to our thanksgiving destinations. it is up since 2007 according to aaa. when it comes to flying there will be a 1.7 percent decline about 3 million of us plan to fly to our holiday destinations. we are spending 498 bucks on thanksgiving travel that sounds like a lot but it is less than last year because of the economy. >> thanks lauren. good to see you this morning. that brings us to our brew on this question of the day. is the current he can nom i gos situation effecting your travel holiday plans? shoot them to us at an e-mail at fox frien thousands of residents are left out in the cold and in the dark. they are demanding answers from this guy. long island power authority. will they get a major shake-up at the company and will they fi
storm to hit the east coast in seven days. from the wicked storm hitting the northeast to the first cam storm about to hit washington, can congress dig out before it is too late? this guy is not so sure the former c.e.o. of micro systems who says we are in a deep pit. .. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >>neil: we are rushing the ice cream order to larry sabato. my crew is taking it and i paid sure he gets each. what are you guys doing? what are you doing? that is larry's ice cream. okay. you get the idea, it is not "sweet" news for pollsters and not sweet news in washington for what is going on right now, this is what has scott upset, not the ice cream thing, but washington, perhaps, icing our economy here by not coming to an agreement and soon on the massive debts and deficits piling up. the first hint today is that they are getting close but what if they don't? what happens if they don't? what do you think happens? >> i am not sure that is that big a deal. it is a big deal but we are already on
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